DS Laboratories Hair Re-Growth Line offers the most technologically advanced and scientifically proven methods to re-grow and keep your hair.

Our multi faceted approach uses multiple vectors to offer a treatment solution that is simple to use – but is unequivocally effective. Using our Revita shampoo, which includes a large array of scientifically proven ingredients that re-grow hair, provides you with treatment without altering your daily routine. You will be using the most robust treatment available to man.




Topical solution is indicated for use in the fight against thinning hair and overall improvement of hair and scalp health.

This efficacy booster agent is recommended to accompany men and women who already use a primary hair-follicle care product such as Spectral.DNC-N®, DNC-S, or other DS Laboratories topical line products.◊*

[*] Results are not guaranteed, individual results may vary.

[◊] This statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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Hair Stimulating Shampoo

A cutting-edge shampoo designed to stimulate hair while protecting existing hair from falling/thinning.

Ideal for men and women, this revitalizing hair treatment nourishes the hair and scalp with amino acids, strengthening the hair shaft for enhanced vitality. Antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients are employed in the fight against pollutants and chemicals that can lead to damaged hair and prevent healthy growth. Revita gives your hair and scalp the benefits they need for fuller, thicker, healthier looking hair.

Revita has a sweet, non-chemical smell that gives you the confidence and comfort you need.◊*




Advanced Hair Stimulating Serum

For men and women in advanced stages of hair thinning by delivering numerous natural compounds that perform through complementary pathways to stimulate hair.

The advanced dual-chambered system specially formulated to address thinning hair and encourage healthy scalp function for fuller looking hair. By packaging ingredients in two separate chambers, the delicate materials can be deployed in higher concentrations for higher performance.




Hair Stimulating Topical

Spectral DNC-N Topical is an original solution for the beginning/early stages of thinning hair and features an advanced formulation including our proprietary Nanoxidil complex.

Within the complex biology of the scalp, Spectral.DNC-N establishes the highest possible efficacy from a topical application, this lightweight treatment supports a healthy hair and scalp vitality.